Addict by M. D. Wheatley


I look at myself to see if I mourn
another wasted night:
there is nothing but remorse.

I forget. Ignore. The urge reborn
and I wander those well-worn sites.
I look at myself to see if I mourn

and there is nothing, some perversion born
as I see my face in the laptop lights.
There is nothing. No remorse.

And then it’s over and I am filled with scorn
that this is what I like.
I look at myself to see if I mourn,

but, satisfied brain, I am torn
between the bytes of the screen and me, unclean. It bites.
There is nothing but remorse.

There is nothing. I am Porn
and I watch those well-worn sights.
I look at myself to see if I mourn.
There is nothing.

M.D. Wheatley

M.D. Wheatley

M. D. Wheatley is a creative writing undergraduate student at the University of Worcester, progressing to postgraduate study at St. Mary's University, Twickenham. His work seeks to cast an unflinching light on the queer experience, exploring topics such as sexuality, pornography, and gender performance.
M.D. Wheatley

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