You Know Nobody Likes You (or, ‘How To Make A Joke’) by Maggie Haraberr

Trigger Warning: Cutting

Yesterday Marketa drank again

after two weeks and one day

and today she smoked pot

to bring it all down

and cut an arm

and used the blood for paint

shit, just calm down

she must want the attention

god damn

it gives her headaches

like spinning too fast

You know why her doctor hates her?

because she difficult, that’s why

because she must lie

because she wastes his time— so everyone hates her.

Why did the old man grope her?

because he could, that’s why

because she refused to let herself cry

because she’d keep quiet— nobody hears her.

Why do Marketa’s emotions escape her?

because she’s a sty

because she doesn’t try

because she fucking rhymes

I wouldn’t like her either.

It comes down

in the bad way it does

but you’ve got no proof

baby does your belly hurt

why won’t you go out

She’s getting there

still it’s hard to make face

in a broken mirror

and harder still to use a line

like ‘broken mirror’

and not feel like a fake.

Maggie Haraberr

Maggie Haraberr

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