Night by Evan Matyas

Trigger Warning: Cutting

Six burning rivers on my hips

I did this to myself

I search my face for seams

As if I can pry it off

And from my open skull

Pour out the fierceness that I feel

You used to tell me

Show me

Every day

How large I loomed

In your world

But now I share your bed and steal

So small a piece of earth

If I could make myself

A tiny ball

Or atom in this space

Would you see the scratches

On my skin

Or that I have no face?

Evan Matyas

Evan Matyas

Evan Matyas is an author, actor, and person of fannish pursuits. They speak four languages and hold a degree in history, which means they can tell you their anteater is sick in German and rattle off Polish tongue twisters. Evan is proudly queer, agender, and is a knight of the singular they. Emmie is the author of six adult novels and is open to bribery in the form of sushi, bubble tea, and just about any variation of cheese on carbs.
Evan Matyas

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