The Battle Within: Bipolar Disorder by Sophia Falco


My words are shooting stars with no filter

flying rapidly like demons in the sky,

the ego soars drenched with sorrow.

The air is funny today.

Molecules bouncing around so rapidly—

so many multiplying!

I can see them and the wind pushes me

and I fall some more

even though I’m lying on the ground

under the hot sun and my thoughts are

running towards yesterday and sprinting towards

the future.

My mind is wandering like a lost soul,




song on repeat.

Hours pass and my shirt is soaked with


mixed with hot tears.

I know I am as good as God,

Picasso is in my back pocket,

no one knows who lives behind

these curtains

not even I,

how hard I try,

don’t want to be forgotten.

Sophia Falco

Sophia Falco

Sophia Falco is a slam poet, devoted yogi, and epic gardener who has struggled with bipolar disorder. The tallest sunflower she ever grew was 16 feet tall. She is also a published nature photographer in the Fredericksburg Literary and Art Review.
Sophia Falco

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