Things About Depression That Are Often Left Unsaid in a Text Message by Kate Kovacs


Cool. I laid in bed today and was like…I’m not doing this all day



I went to the gym and listened to

sad slow

punk and fucking destroyed the elliptical for 50 mins

but it didn’t feel like anything

because today

nothing feels like anything.

And then I drove to the store

and ugly-cried in the car on the way

and then I did my shopping

and then ugly-cried on the way back.

And then I came home

and did house things

and walked around in my numb body

and now I’m in the hot tub where the cold air is


freezing my fingers

but I just don’t feel


Kate Kovacs

Kate Kovacs

Kate Kovacs is a 25-year-old Education major from Alberta. She is driven by both perfectionism and existential fear, but she finds joy in nature, creativity, and genuine human connection.
Kate Kovacs